Team and Leadership Development

Produce dramatic performance breakthroughs

Our Team and Leadership Development program provides an array of programs and services to help clients produce dramatic breakthroughs. From leadership development programs, through executive mentoring and coaching services, to creating learning organizations and high-performance cultures, we work with you to engage, educate and enable employees at all levels. Programs we offer include:

Case Study: Our leadership development program helped one company grow from $276 million to over $750 million in just three years.

Team Building

As today’s organizations become more complex and dynamic, traditional ways of forming groups are changing.  Cross-functional groups are being created and project teams reformulated to produce new outcomes. These teams have members with varying cultural backgrounds, levels of competency and seniority within the organization. This can impede the group’s performance, especially given some of our entrenched assumptions about working together.

Leo Tonkin offers programs that teach participants to recognize their habitual attitudes and expectations and take a fresh look at the interpersonal and organizational advantages of teamwork and cooperation. Exercises allow participants to discover both what interferes with successful teams and what supports and contributes to extraordinary team performance, shifting from relationships based on authority to true collaboration that is grounded in alignment, trust, communication and a shared commitment to satisfying the core values of the team and its customers.

Training Design and Development

Training is a continual learning process. Leo Tonkin works with your human resource and training departments to integrate your existing programs with compelling new ones in order to achieve the desired impact. These programs can be delivered via any combination of live workshops, instructor led webinars and customized e-learning.

Our custom training programs energize participants and significantly impact their capacity and ability to manage, perform and lead. We aim to bring about a fundamental shift in what people see as possible. Participants are able to step outside of their familiar frameworks, identify entrenched behaviors, old habits, and unexamined assumptions.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

In every field where performance and results count, coaching plays a critical role. DI’s executive coaches have the skills and expertise to handle the knotty business and personal challenges being faced by high level executive clients. Our executive coaches are not only experienced coaching professionals; they also provide a breadth and depth of business experience to draw upon when addressing issues and concerns of C-suite executives, business owners and top level managers.

We have successfully coached and mentored executives at numerous major organizations, both on an individual basis and as part of our Strategic Business Transformation and Growth and Change Readiness programs.