Growth and Change Readiness

Achieve the next level of success

Our Growth and Change Readiness program enables companies that have grown in an entrepreneurial fashion to achieve the next level of success.

Typically, the factors that enabled an entrepreneurial company to succeed may be insufficient for the kind of growth that they wish to achieve. Such companies need to break out of that mold and develop a more sustainable vision, strategy, and structure.

The program begins with an organizational assessment:

  • Do you understand the future that you’re going to, and the structures you need to put in place to get there?
  • Do you have the right people?
  • How can you get there?

We then work with you to build the necessary foundation and align your systems, tools, people, and processes. Services include:

  • Coaching and mentoring the leadership team in inventing a new company designed to grow beyond predictable (comfortable/safe) outcomes.
  • Coaching, training, and developing the executive leadership team in how to create a culture of passion and commitment to an invented future.
  • Distinguishing the new strategic plan, including the required outcomes and resources
  • Developing and committing to the critical initiatives needed, with appropriate milestones and timelines.
  • Supporting, coaching, mentoring, and consulting with the Executive and Director level leadership teams throughout the above process, as needed.